Hey there!
Thanks for joining my workshop. Here are some links—I hope you find them useful!


1. Design sprint resources


This website has lots of free resources, including videos , checklists, and how-to guides, as well as links to useful stuff you can buy, like supplies and the book.


2. Save $250 off the Design Sprint Masterclass with code CHARLOTTE

If you'd like to review what you learned about running design sprints (and learn more about selling design sprints), check out the online masterclass with 50+ videos, slide decks, guides, and more.

Use the code CHARLOTTE to save $250. Feel free to share the code with a friend, since, after all, you JUST took a workshop on this and maybe you don’t need another class! :)


3. Sneak peek at my new book, Make Time


This 9-page PDF has three short excerpts: "Redesign Your Day", "Forget Willpower", and "Learn How to Slow Your Inbox".